Author: Carol Mills

  • Buskers at Banker’s

    Great day for Saturday activism down at Bankers Corner today. CND. XRTU. SWP. Labour Eastbourne Solidarity 🪷 of course. And Davide was there entertaining us with fabulous busking 🎵🎶 Come on down on Saturdays. Why not join us. We all go for coffee ☕️ afterwards at Coffee Republic. Activism 🚩 Busking. Coffee. What more could […]

  • Mockingbirds

    The monied elite exploiters! They try to divide us. They are failing. They are afraid of our solidarity 🧡 They are afraid of our creativity 🏵 Our dreams are our futures being made into reality 🌿 Creating the most beautiful world we can imagine 🏵 Treading kindly 🩷 Caring for each other’s dreaming 🪷 VIDEO […]

  • Extinction Rebellion Trade Unionists – climate activists and trade union members.

    Extinction Rebellion Trade Unionists – XRTU Eastbourne 🌿 The 1st February Strike Solidarity March and Rally was a great Solidarity Event. 👏 🌿 XRTU Eastbourne were there showing solidarity with strikers as well as being climate activists. We all know it is the same rotten system that is driving down pay and conditions for workers, […]

  • Strike Solidarity Event by Eastbourne Trades Council

    Call Out 📢 ALL WELCOME TO THIS PUBLIC MEETING 📢Eastbourne Trades Council are holding a Strikes Solidarity Event 🚩🚩at The Crown and Anchor from 7pm (in the upstairs room) on Wenesday, 15th February 🗓 Unions please share widely to your members🚩Others too, please share with friends and family 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦👫 👬Inflation is soaring and workers are […]

  • Strike Solidarity March and Rally

    Hope to see you there folks. All Details in photo. 👆👆 Bring banners and placards, whistles etc. We are keen to build the solidarity in this town and give the strikers the support they deserve ☺ Let’s show our appreciation for our valued workers in their struggle 🚩

  • Climate Justice Explained

    Coming Soon 👏 Eastbourne Solidarity is a supporting group of Eastbourne Climate Coalition – Climate Justice Now. But what is Climate Justice? What has colonialism, slavery, the Industrial Revolution, racism, economic and social inequality, The cost of living crisis, the strikes, health inequality, gender inequality, disabilities inequality and all the other inequalities got to do […]

  • When Will We Say ENOUGH?

    SEVEN YEARS AGO Eastbourne People’s Assembly were campaigning 👇against child poverty in our town. TODAY ▪︎1.4 million children don’t have access to the basics.🙏🏼🫂 ▪︎An estimated 6.7 million UK households are now living in fuel poverty. 🙏🏼🔥🏠 ▪︎The Food Foundation found that in April 2022, 15.5% of all UK households were food insecure. 🙏🏼🍏🥪🥣 How […]

  • Preparing for the Climate Rebellion

    “They are as children, playing with their toys, with their house of fire” The Budha The September Rebellion – Extinction Rebellion. We are heading into that time of the year when Extinction Rebellion enters into news, accompanied no doubt by the usual dollops of mainstream media misreporting. The September action will start with a learning […]

  • Our Special Report on GB News’ Dan Wootton’s Special Report on our Eastbourne Tory Party Leadership Hustings Protest – 5th Aug’22 – A Fun Exposé

    Ok. You may have seen GB News’ Special Report on our Tory Party Leadership Hustings Protest that took place on 5th August. 200 chanting protesters outside the Winter Garden plus young activists inside declaring their demands for a Green New Deal now. Did you see the nonsense report? There is a link below if you […]

  • Solidarity and Mick Lynch’s message to NHS Workers

    Solidarity with NSH workers. What is Mick Lynch’s message to NHS workers? Do you remember the Eastbourne bin strike earlier this year? Eastbourne Borough Council were making anti-union announcements and calling their 2.5% pay offer ‘generous’. They claimed the GMB should accept the offer because that was what nurses had accepted. At that time a […]