Genocide – A heartbreaking message to the world from Bisan in Gaza.

Following @WizardBisan1 on Tiktok, one day ago she posted these heartbreaking words, (please below in photos). This was following the resumption of genocide at the end of the so called “humanitarian pause” on December 1st.

(See photos below for Bisan’s words).

It is our western governments, the UK, USA the EU et al, that are complicit in the genocide of Palestinians in Gaza.

It is our governments’ bombs, the USA and UK, that are being used to murder Palestinians in Gaza.

Yes. They may say fine words of caution to Israel. They may say they don’t want the Israeli State to kill so may innocent people in Gaza. They may say please Israel will you do your GENOCIDE nicely! These are false words as they do nothing to prevent Israel from committing these brutal atrocities. Their words are a mask. A sorry attempt to distance themselves from WAR CRIMES.

We say NOT IN OUR NAME. Damn the powerful elites and those powerful politicians and their players who are carrying out this genocide‼️ And damn all those in powerful places who are complicit‼️

Our heartsfelt love goes out for the Palestinian people.

Please see video below of James Schneider who explains Warcrime complicity.

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