Southern Water, Not Eco Not Fair protest – a response from Southern Water


This protest was held on 11th May at the Eastbourne Eco Fair on the Western Lawns.

Southern Water had a stall at the Eco Fair which was part of the 10 day long Spring Water Festival. But some of us felt their presence at the fair legitimised them in ways they did not deserve – namely, the opportunity for public relations greenwashing. There followed our protest. Please see here for an article on the protest.

At the Southern Water stall, we read out a list of 12 questions addressed to Lawrence Gosden CEO. Questions about: becoming ill after swimming, the pollution of the sea, testing and monitoring, rising bills, profiteering, company debt et al. We then handed the questions, as a letter, to the staff for them to take to the CEO.

Here is a VIDEO of the protest.

Here is another VIDEO of the protesters a protestereading out the questions at the Southern Water Stall.

Here is a VIDEO of Carolyn Heaps, (who set up the Silver Dippers), being interviewed about the protest.

Here is the response we received from Southern Water’s Clean Rivers and Seas Task Force.

Please let us know what your thoughts are on the responses we received.

Tomorrow OFWAT will be reporting on the new water bill rates. Will Southern Water get their proposal for a phenomenally high rate rise approved?

Eastbourne Solidarity

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