Tag: Climate Justice

  • Preparing for the Climate Rebellion

    “They are as children, playing with their toys, with their house of fire” The Budha The September Rebellion – Extinction Rebellion. We are heading into that time of the year when Extinction Rebellion enters into news, accompanied no doubt by the usual dollops of mainstream media misreporting. The September action will start with a learning […]

  • Consciousness and the Energy Crisis – both climate and personal

    If you haven’t yet come across Charles Eisenstein, Author then please find some time. Our discussions in Eastbourne Climate Coalition haven’t made room for the message of his approach yet. Perhaps now is a good time. He talks about the consciousness of the expansionist phase of civilization that we are currently in. With that comes […]

  • Eastbourne Solidarity Website

    Hi everyone, just a quick note to let you know why we have set up this website. We started out on May Day last year as a Facebook Page, for the purposes of showcasing the events and news from local groups. Well. We wanted to set up a podcast so that we could interview representatives […]