Enough is Enough – Join Us

Check it out folks. Strikes are us. Remember the Eastbourne bin strike at the beginning of the year? Remember the online discussions with the EBC announcement declaring how generous their 2.5% pay offer was? Remember people being taken in by this and joining in with comments about how greedy the bin strikers were being? And how the nurses only got 2.5% so who do these strikers think they are? etc etc.

Well Eastbourne Solidarity and others called for SOLIDARITY with the bin strike. Called for standing together to fight each other’s fights for decent pay and working conditions. Called that THE WHOLE COUNTRY NEEDS A PAY RISE.

So folks. Support the Strikes. Go to Eastbourne Trades Council for updates on local Strikes and more trade union news. Go to the Strike Map to find out where your nearest strike is. And meanwhile why not join a union? https://www.tuc.org.uk/joinunion And why not sign up for Enough is Enough? https://wesayenough.co.uk/

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