The Tory Party Husting Protesters and “British Values”


The Tory Party Hustings Protest and ‘British Values’


In her interview with ultra-right-truth-twister-dispicerabler Dan Wootton and Caroline Ansell said “this is not how people are in my home town” “Eastbourne is a beautiful town”… That was shock talk. She honestly didn’t know the solidarity of anti-tory feeling in own town.

And in answer to a typical- Wootton- puerile-poor-journalism-question on British Values, #carolineansell also said “it’s not the best of British”. Such divisive, polarising journalism is what the ruling classes thrive on. 

So. I had to go and look it up didn’t I?

The five British Values are:

■ Democracy.

■ The rule of law.

■ Individual liberty.

■ Mutual respect.

■Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs.

In a quick spot analysis I can vouch ABSOLUTELY that these values were present amongst protesters. 

■ It is currently our democratic right to peacefully protest. Feedback from police was they considered our protest within the law. So

■ Rule of Law is covered!

■ Individual liberty. It requires some thinking for this one. Here’s something quick and off the top of my head. The greatest threat to Individual liberty is currently the upholding of a rigged economic system that causes grotesque inequality thereby creating 1) a filthy-super-rich few who can afford the luxury of liberty and 2) those who are increasingly becoming enslaved by poverty with libertarian freedoms (many of which were won by the Trade Unions) being increasingly denied to them. The protesters are so much AGAINST individual liberty, we just don’t want it to be available ONLY to an exclusive club. All for one and one for all. We cannot, each one of us, be truly free until we all are free 

■Mutual respect. Easy. Of course. All the time. Unquestionably.

■Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs. What!!! We get accused of not meeting this one!.That’s laughable. The main organisers of the protest founded Eastbourne Stand Up to Racism. And don’t get me on the Tories and Islamophobia? Not to mention the Rwanda deportations. Come on!

So folks. It really doesn’t take much to blow apart the totally nonsense flim flam of that ‘journalistic’ (NOT) exchange between #carolineansellmp  and the slimey #DanWooton

Our media is a joke. Not just the obviously absurd outlets like GB News, but the establishment media also. They have forgotten what real journalism is. Journalism should be asking questions of society’s organisations that may cause discomfort. Holding to account. What we largely have instead is a fawning metropolitan media club that unquestionably upholds the status quo. 

We are now on the edge of destruction. Planet, its eco systems, its animals its environment, its people, all at severe risk. We have the Cost of Exploitation Crisis and the Climate Justice Crisis and multiple crises within that. And one thing we know for sure…it ain’t the protesters who are upholding the bent, rigged, corrupt, destructive system that is taking civilization as we know to the edge. 

Well done those protesters. You did Eastbourne proud.

PS Coming soon. A video exposé of Wootton’s nonsense coverage of our Tory Party Hustings. That’s gonna be a whole lot of fun. 


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